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Fee Structure


Please note the following:-

1. Tuition Fee will be collected in four installments at the school accounts section in the first month of the installment i.e. April, July, October & January.

Installement Month of installment Last Date Last Date With Late Fee
1st April 15th April 30th April
2nd July 15th July 30th July
3rd October 15th Oct. 30th Oct
4th January 15th Jan. 30th Jan

2. The date of submission of fee will be strictly adhered to.

3. A fine of Rs. 20/- per day will be levied on the defaulters.

4. On non payment of fees two continuous installments the name of the ward will automatically get struck off the roll. However, Re-admission may be granted after paying the admission fee and late fee at the discretion of school authorities.

5. Any student who attends 15 working days of the school after commencement of the new session will have to pay the full installment. The fee structure will not be changed on any account.

6. On account of the date falling on a holiday the next working day will automatically become the due date of the payment of fees.

7. You can pay at a time more than one installments.

8. School shall accept fee from students online or through non-cash mode only as per the guidelines issued by CBSE.